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At Micabella Cosmetics®, we believe in our customers and appreciate their desire to be sophisticated. Women don’t want just any kind of makeup – Micabella® women want 100% natural options that are free of preservatives yet still provide flawless coverage, and our Micabella® Dermatologists are dedicated to giving them what they want.

Since 2001 we have been working toward perfection with all natural powders consisting of 100% pure MICA and minerals without any oils, talc, chemical dyes, preservatives, or other fillers. Malls and salons in the US and Canada began to carry our products, and expansion to Europe wasn’t far behind. Currently, we are proud to stand as an international leader in cosmetics. If you’re looking for pure, mineral cosmetics that work well on any skin type, Micabella® is for you. It’s so gentle that it can be used on even the most sensitive skin, and the high antioxidant levels in it help to protect your skin from premature aging and other damage.

You can take care of your skin, look great, and move flawlessly from day to night with Micabella’s® strong and beautiful line of cosmetics.

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