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Vince Roy are a hardcore punk band that takes influence from a variety of post prefixed genres without ever succumbing to them. Which in simpler terms means they don’t rely on power chords to fuel the fire in their music, instead embracing riffs, leads, and whatever-the-hell-else hardcore b

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Has anyone NOT been repping these guys of late? Female-fronted Scottish band who, despite being described as sounding “like Texas with synths” are actually rather good. (with apols to fans of Texas).

The Minx had a great 2012 with well received festival sets, high profile gigs and the support of the likes of Inspiral Carpets Single. Single No Friends deserved the praise – it’s a massive stomper of chunky keyboards and bouncing guitar riffs. We expect their star will continue to rise over

Twins Amelia and Pat describe themselves as ‘cutecore/acid punk/Osmonds on cheap whizz’. We say this is punchy pop punk with rumbling basslines, gutsy riffs and lyrics that could cut as soon as delight you. The debut album is due out on New York label Team Love.

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Rising from the still smouldering ashes of Hans Island this newly formed four-piece band have stumbled upon a massive sound in just a few months of being together.

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With an average age of 16, The Strypes come from ireland and deal a super sharp 21st century take on the pre British beat boom sharp and angular, mod infused guitar rush of the pre fame Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and the plethora of razor sharp looking and sounding bands before they had hits and

Manchester based band who out hip the Brooklyn hipsters. Not strictly new- we have already written about them several times but on verge of big breakthrough in 2013. Pins are the pinnacle of a whole new clutch of interesting new bands in Manchester with several of the bands being signed to Bella

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The Sundowners are a 5 piece band from the Wirral that make such a sublime, shimmering guitar pop with close harmonies from the two girl singers that it sounds so utterly timeless that the song could have been a hit in any decade.

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Clint Boon has called their heady mix of electronica and rock n roll ‘cool as fuck’ and he isn’t wrong. Seamlessly blending Balearic, rave and dirty rock in a most English way 2013 could be a big year for this Liverpool band.

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